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Hesse, G. E.
United States Patent Office, 7059

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 1,302,162. Application filed June 5 1917.

Accession No.1474


"In accordance with my invention the torpedo has rigidly secured to it a propeller and the forward motion or travel of the torpedo under or due to the action of the propeller is inaugurated and maintained by the rotation of the torpedo as a whole on its longitudinal axis. The torpedo is maintained in rotation during the period or distance it is desired the same shall travel by the action of a gas generated therein and escaping under pressure through reversely arranged passages extending through opposite side walls of a portion of the torpedo from an interior gas-chamber to the exterior of the torpedo. The power-gas or gas for rotating the torpedo is produced by the automatic ignition of a suitable charge of powder or the like within a confined gas chamber at the interior of the torpedo immediately on the discharge of the torpedo from a gun or tube, this charge of gas-producing powder being entirely independent of the usual explosive charge at the forward end of the torpedo…"