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O'Kelly, J. M.
Automatic torpedo
United States Patent Office, 4217

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 998,383. Application filed April 14 1909.

Accession No.1459


"This invention relates to an improvement in automatic steering automobile torpedoes. It introduces what I believe to be a new principle in automobile torpedoes; namely, a mechanism by means of which a varying course to starboard or port can be controlled in advance of the run of the torpedo thereby enabling the torpedo to be steered to the right or left at distances determined in advance for the number of courses which the mechanism of the torpedo is arranged to steer; and, furthermore, the torpedo can be caused to automatically turn on its own tactical diameter and to keep turning at a predetermined point in its range, after which the torpedo can be again directed, if desired, upon its predetermined course. And the said course is further so automatically directed as not to be materially altered or deflected by transverse currents, or the usual falling of or laying up of such bodies afloat; meaning thereby that after the vessel has been deflected from its course and the attempt is made to straighten it out upon a new course, such vessel has a tendency to leave such course, but my mechanism will hold it upon the course which has been determined in advance. "