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Burger, C. L.
Marine vessel
United States Patent Office, 3755

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 954,713. Application filed November 30 1909.

Accession No.1450


"My new idea, the primary feature of my present invention, was the conception of restricting the cross-section of the submerged hull to the envelopment or close confinement of the motor, torpedo and other vitals, without the crew space; providing quarters for the attendants in the surface hull, and connecting the motor and torpedo, through the waist as a communicating duct, to controls accessible to the attendants in the surface hull, the cross-section and the subsequent displacement of the vessel would be enormously diminished, and its speed, manoeuvring and cruising ability enormously increased, while at the same time the attendants in the surface hull could efficiently control the motor, helm and torpedo, and work the vessel, all with a clear view of the vessel's objective and operations, further if necessary, or in the case of casualties, one attendant could handle the motor, helm and torpedo and thus alone work the vessel."