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Lacy, H.
Propelled torpedo
United States Patent Office, 3146

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 895,870. Application filed July 26 1907.

Accession No.1429


"This invention is designed by the placing of powerful magnets shaped to conform with the bow of any torpedo now used in naval operations to constitute what may be termed a magnetic torpedo. The object being to utilize "magnetic forces" to direct the torpedo against the hull of iron or steel vessels. These magnetic torpedoes are suitable: - first, as an improved means of attack by providing greater accuracy of shot, whether the target be moving or stationary; second, as a means of harbour defence, each individual torpedo being capable of covering more given ground in a harbour than is possible by any present method of using mines or torpedoes; third, as a means of countermining, and clearing a harbour defended by the enemies' mines or torpedoes…"