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Leavitt, F. M.
Ignition device for automobile torpedoes
United States Patent Office, 2978

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 880,029. Application filed February 16 1907.

Accession No.1424


"This invention relates to automobile torpedoes which are propelled by an engine or motor driven by a charge of compressed air the energy of which is increased by burning a combustible in such a manner as to heat the air. The ignition of the combustible should be effected upon or soon after the launching of the torpedo, and shortly after the starting of the engine or motor. Suitable igniting mechanisms for accomplishing this result are set forth in my United States Patents No. 693,872 dated February 25, 1902, and 825,914 dated July 17, 1906. The present invention provides an improvement upon the igniting devices ser forth in said patents. According to the present invention the igniter cannot be operated until the engine or propeller shaft has made a predetermined number of turns. Accordingly it is impossible for the igniter to be prematurely operated whereby it might fail to ignite the combustible chargeā€¦"