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Leavitt, F. M.
Steering mechanism for torpedoes
United States Patent Office, 1907

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 785,425. Application filed November 30 1903.

Accession No.1404


"In the Obry steering mechanism used in the Whitehead torpedo a gyroscope is provided to maintain fixity of direction and to control the steering engine, which turns the rudder to port or starboard whenever the torpedo deviates beyond a prescribed amount from its true course, so that the torpedo is alternately steered to port and starboard and follows a sinuous path which repeatedly crosses its true or intended path. This invention provides a steering mechanism, which is designed to reduce the liability of abnormal action, with its accompanying peril. To this end the gyroscope is relieved from all direct work, its function being limited to moving an electric contact-finger, which through an electric circuit operates control mechanism which in turn governs the steering apparatus."