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Leavitt, F. M.
Propulsion of torpedoes & c by compressed air
United States Patent Office, 787

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 693,872. Application filed April 12 1900.

Accession No.1386


"My invention is applicable where air is compressed to a high pressure in a reservoir or flask, being left stored therein until ready for use, whereupon the compressed air is passed through a pipe to the engine or motor which it drives. This is the system heretofore used for the propulsion of the Whitehead torpedo. According to my invention I apply heat to the compressed air in the reservoir by effecting a combustion therein of a suitable combustible material such as a liquid hydrocarbon. Hence I provide a suitable charge of such combustible material, either in the compressed air reservoir itself or preferably in a chamber communicating therewith, and when ready to utilize the power of the compressed air I ignite the combustible material and cause it to burn within the reservoir, so that its combustion serves to heat the air, and so increase its mechanical efficiency or capability to work."