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Maxim, H.
Automobile torpedo
United States Patent Office, 23

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 641,787. Application filed February 12 1898.

Accession No.1375


"…the invention consists in a torpedo having a suitable chamber therein for the explosive charge and a suitable motive fluid contained in a reservoir which is provided with a means for supporting and burning a suitable combustible nitro compound in such a manner that the products of combustion may combine with or enter with the motive fluid into the torpedo-motor, so that not only is the pressure of the motive fluid increased or maintained for a longer period of time and its volume augmented, but the air is so heated that it will not freeze or produce appreciable cold, and thus hinder the proper operation of the motor. In its preferred form a chamber containing a suitable liquid, as water, is connected with the motive-fluid reservoir by means of a passage controlled by a valve opening toward fluid-pressure in the reservoir, and the combustible nitro compound is supported and burned in such manner that the products of combustion therefrom will mix with the liquid in the chamber, thereby raising its temperature and increasing its pressure sufficient to overcome the pressure of the fluid in the reservoir on the valve in the connecting- passage, so that the heated or vaporized liquid and products of combustion will pass from the liquid-chamber into the reservoir and mix with the motive fluid therein. The motive fluid is conducted by a suitable conduit to the motor, which may be of any preferred type, and in its most approved form the vaporized liquid and products of combustion from the chamber containing the water or other liquid are mixed with the motive fluid at a point in close proximity to the mouth of the conduit leading from the reservoir to the motor…"