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Barrow, T. E.
Automobile torpedo
United States Patent Office, 29 August 1899

Specifications forming part of Letters Patent No. 632,089. Application filed July 11 1898.

Accession No.1373


"My invention relates to improvements in submarine automobile torpedoes; and the objects of my invention are, first, to provide a submarine torpedo for naval warfare that can be sent through the water in any direction without being fired from a torpedo-tube; second, to construct a torpedo that can be sent through the water any distance required and be exploded by coming in contact with any obstruction or at any given time set by electricity stored within the torpedo; third, to construct the shell which carries the explosive charge separate from the outer case, the same to be loaded and carried in the magazine ready for use; fourth, to do construct the explosive shell that it will be ignited by an electric current supplied by a battery carried within the outer case, the electric current actuated by the stem or front end of the outer caser coming in contact with the objective point or at any given time by the gear mechanism operated by a clock-spring placed in the stern or rear end of the outer case, the exact construction and mode of operation being fully explained hereinafter, and, fifth, the provision of a means whereby the rudder is maintained in a central position…"