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Kaselowsky, E.
Automatic steering device for torpedoes
United States Patent Office, 19 July 1898

Specification being part of Letters Patent No. 607,440. Application filed January 5 1897.

Accession No.1367


"This invention refers to torpedo-steering devices of the kind in which is made use of a gyroscopic disc or wheel i.e. a disk or wheel that is arranged in such a manner as to be able to rotate around its axis proper, as well as to revolve around another axis lying rectangularly to said first - mentioned one. A disk or wheel arranged in such a manner tends to constantly maintain its plane of rotation, and the relative displacements of said wheel or disc and the torpedo occurring on the later getting deviated may well be and have been used for suitably operating the rudder of the latter and causing the torpedo to be led back into its proper straight path."