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Kaselowsky, E.
Steering apparatus for torpedoes
United States Patent Office, 12/10/1897

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 591,768. Application filed October 3 1896

Accession No.1366


'In launching a torpedo from a broadside-tube while the boat is in motion the torpedo is deviated from its correct path in consequence of the inertia existing within and imparted to it by the moving boat. The deviation is of course the stronger the greater the speed of the boat, and is consequently in a torpedo-boat very great because of the very quick motion of such a boat. The purpose of my present invention, therefore, is to do away with said lateral deflections of the torpedo or to cause the latter to move in a straight line, respectively, and my invention is based on the principle that a quickly-rotating wheel or disk suspended so as to allow of being inclined to any plane maintains its plane of rotation if its frame or support is inclined. I thus connect a wheel or disk of the kind stated with the rudder of the torpedo in such a manner that any lateral movement of the torpedo or any deviation of the same, respectively, results in an action of said quickly-rotating wheel disk upon the rudder. The latter is operated from the said wheel or disk in such a way that the torpedo is deviated back into its normal path until the rudder extends again exactly in the longitudinal direction of the torpedo. Note; The patent for this invention taken out in Germany on the 3rd of October 1894 predates Obry's U.S. Patent No. 562,235 which was also for a gyroscopic steering device for torpedoes.