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Howell, J. A.
Marine torpedo
United States Patent Office, 1 September 1891

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 458,677. Application filed February 23 1889.

Accession No.1357


"My invention has relation to an automobile or self-propelling marine torpedo of the same general type as that set forth in my Letters Patent No. 311,325, of January 27, 1885, the motive power being furnished by one or more fly-wheels which, previous to the launching of the torpedo, are put into rapid revolution, and the torpedo being provided with diving and steering rudders, by which it is automatically maintained in a straight course and at a predetermined depth in the water. My present improvement has more particular reference to a torpedo of the kind in which the axis of the fly-wheel lies in the longitudinal axis of the torpedo; and they consist in certain arrangement or construction of the propelling and diving mechanism by which I am enabled to neutralize the tendency to roll about its longitudinal axis by reason of the friction of the fly-wheel axels and shafts in their bearings, and by reason of the rolling leverage which would in the absence of my improvement, be created in gearing down the fly-wheel shaft to the propeller shaft or shafts."