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Di Pistoja, A. G. von B.
Automatic sinking-valve for submarine torpedoes
United States Patent Office, 15 October 1889

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 413,115. Application filed November 15 1888.

Accession No.1349


"In my application for Letters Patent of the United States, filed November 15, 1888… I have described a novel means of propelling a torpedo of the class referred to, in which the compressed air is caused to act directly upon the propeller-blades, the propeller on the principle of the Barker reaction wheel, whereby I am enabled to dispense with the usual piston cylinder and connections and other mechanism employed - for instance, in the Whitehead and other torpedoes - so that I am enabled to use a plurality of sinking-valves instead of one, as in the case of the Whitehead torpedo, thereby expediting the sinking of the torpedo in case it misses its mark…"

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