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Di Pistoja, A. G. von B.
Automobile torpedo
United States Patent Office, 15 October 1889

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 413,113. Application filed April 18 1888.

Accession No.1347


"The invention relates to self-propelling, offensive or fish torpedoes; and has for its primary object to provide means for automatically controlling the depth of immersion of the torpedo during its course through the water. The invention has for its further object to so construct the torpedo and so arrange the propelling, immersion-regulating, valve-shifting, and other mechanisms relatively to the charge-chamber and storage-chamber for the motive fluid as to divide the weight of the operative parts in a substantially uniform manner throughout the length of the torpedo, and to the simplify or compact said mechanisms as that they may be contained within the torpedo-shell, thereby materially reducing the cost of construction and increasing the efficiency of the torpedo…"