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Haight, G. E. and Wood, W. H.
Gas-heating chamber for torpedo-boats
United States Patent Office, 28 September 1886

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 349,711. Application filed March 11, 1886.

Accession No.1335


"Our invention relates to the class of gas-heaters used in torpedo-boats for preventing the congealing of the compressed carbonic-acid by the rapid decrease in temperature caused by the change from the liquid to gaseous state. Our object is to provide a device and means for the automatic mixing of the chemicals used to heat and expand the gas; and our invention consists in the heating-chamber containing one of the chemicals, as sulphuric acid and a similar chamber with means for holding the latter closed, and also for automatically opening it so that its contents - usually lime - is dumped into the acid, and in details of the construction and combination of the several parts as more particularly hereinafter described…"