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Haight, G. E. and Wood, W. H.
Submarine torpedo-boat
United States Patent Office, 30 March 1886

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 339,096, Application filed November 3 1885

Accession No.1334


"Our invention relates to the class of submarine torpedo-boats of the type that is controlled in its movement from a point without the boat and connected with it by an electric conductor; and our improvement consists in the devices for submerging the boat to insure its safety from projectiles; in the means for keeping the boat on an even keel; in the details of the construction of the engine by which the boat is moved; in the devices for securing safety in handling the boat when charged; in the automatic device for mixing the chemicals used to heat and expand the gas used as a motive power, and in details of the construction and combination of the several parts of the boat and its contents…"

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