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Howell, J. A.
Marine torpedo
United States Patent Office, 27 January 1885

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 311,325, Application filed October 6 1884

Accession No.1329


"My invention relates to what are known as "self-propelling marine torpedoes" and it is directed at both the propulsion and the guidance of the torpedo, intending by the term "guidance" not only the maintenance of the torpedo in the direction in which it was pointing before launching, but also its maintenance at a constant depth in water. My main object is to provide means whereby it will automatically be caused to steer the proper course - that is to say, maintain itself in the course in which it was originally pointed or launched and during its travel to maintain itself at a determinate depth of water after reaching that depth. The torpedo in which my invention is embodied may be termed a "fly-wheel torpedo," the motor being of the same general character as that described in my Letters Patent No. 121,052, dated November 21, 1871 - to wit, a fly-wheel to which a very rapid movement of rotation is imparted by any power extraneous to the torpedo…"