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Haight, G. E., Wood, W. H. & Winsor, W. E.
Means for heating and controlling gases for motors
United States Patent Office, 22 January 1884

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 292,428, Application filed August 31

Accession No.1327


"…for use in the class of motors which are driven by the expansion of compressed gas under high pressure, as carbonic-acid-gas engines and others of that class, and is especially intended for use in gas engines for torpedo-boats; also to details of construction of the devices used for such engines, especially the gas-supply therefore. The object of our invention is to produce a rapid expansion of the gas after it leaves the flask or holder, where it is held in a compressed or liquefied state, and before it enters the engine, and to prevent refrigeration, due to such expansion…"