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Hubbe, M. and Hardy, M. A.
Submarine torpedo
United States Patent Office, 21 March 1882

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 255,386, Application filed July 21.

Accession No.1319


"Our invention principally relates to self-propelled torpedoes in which the motive power is furnished by compressing air or gas in a reservoir in said torpedo. One feature of our invention is applicable only to torpedoes in which the engine is contained in a compartment which is filled with water and in communication with the surrounding element; and it consists in the combination, in a torpedo, of a water-compartment for an engine having holes for the entrance of water, a screw-shaft extending therefrom, and a tube leading aft from said compartment to the exterior of the hull and loosely surrounding the screw-shaft, whereby the necessity of any stuffing-box for the said shaft is obviated and power which has been heretofore consumed by friction is saved. Other features of our invention consist in certain novel details in the construction of the flask or reservoir in which air or gas is to be compressed to serve as a motive power, and in the manner of securing the said flask or reservoir in the torpedo so that it forms a portion of the hull thereof."

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