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Howell, J. A.
Improvement in propulsion of marine torpedoes
United states Patent Office, 21/11/1871

Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 121,052.

Accession No.1294


"My invention has a double purpose, and it is intended to be used in connection with that class of marine torpedoes known as self-propelling. It consists, first, in furnishing a torpedo with a flywheel, this flywheel to be moved by any power extraneous to the torpedo. It is to act as a repository of power, so that, on being detached from the moving force and launched in the water, the torpedo will be propelled by the inertia of the flywheel, acting through a screw or other propelling instrument. The second aim of my invention is to apply that portion of the inertia of the revolving wheel, which tends to keep its axis of rotation unchanged to the counteracting of deviating forces. This is effected by giving the axis of the fly-wheel a particular direction in reference to the longitudinal axis of the torpedo."