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Bostock, I.
Australian navy weighs Collins torpedo buy
Jane's Defence Weekly
vol. 38, no. 4, 37461, p. 28

Accession No.1271


"The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) is negotiating with the Australian Submarine Corporation for an integration study into equipping its Collins-class diesel electric submarines with a new heavyweight torpedo. The study would consider the implications of replacing the existing analogue Mk 48 Mod 4 heavyweight torpedoes with the all-digital Mk 48 Mod 6 Advanced Capabilities (ADCAP) and Mod 7 ADCAP weapons. An earlier tender was cancelled in July 2001 despite the shortlisting of three potential suppliers: STN Atlas offering the Seehecht DM2A4; Whitehead Alenia with the Black Shark; and the Mod 6 ADCAP. Canberra decided to proceed with the sole-source selection of the Mod 6/7 ADCAP."