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J. E. Thornycroft
Modern torpedo boats and destroyers
Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects
vol. 50, 1908, pp. 59-76

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Thornycroft, J. E. 'Modern torpedo boats and destroyers.' Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects, vol. 50, 1908, pp. 59-76. J.E. Thornycroft reviewed the history and development of torpedo boats and destroyers. The 33-knot Tribal class was just coming into service at the time of his paper, and the Tartar had returned the highest speed of the class - 35.36 knots on a six-hour trial. This led Thornycroft to claim the speed was "practically 10-knots more than the River class could maintain on four instead of a six hours' trial.' Sir Phillip Watts pointed out that the speed ought to be reduced by a knot to get the true deep-water speed. Thornycroft responded by saying that the Maplin Sands mile where the trials had been conducted was an Admiralty approved mile, and he did not see why he should not quote the speeds actually returned. The upshot of the argument was a series of trials with the Cossack reported by Watts in 'Speed trials of H.M. Torpedo-Boat Destroyer "Cossack" at Skelmorlie and the Maplin Sands.' Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects, vol. 51, 1909, pp. 176-178.

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