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Woolard, L.
The centenary of the Royal Dockyard Schools
Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects
vol. 85, 38468, pp. 187-189

Accession No.1244


A brief note on the Royal Dockyard Schools opened in Chatham, Portsmouth and Pembroke in 1843, at Sheerness in 1844, at Devonport in 1845 and later in Deptford and Woolwich. These Royal Dockyard Schools were not specialized in any way. Attendance was compulsory for all apprentices and religious instruction and arithmetic seem to have been the principal subjects in the first curricula. The story of the two specialized schools of naval architecture that were established in Portsmouth in 1811 and 1848 was very different. The higher dockyard officers were so against the apprentices trained at the school that it was closed in 1832. The second school opened in 1848 suffered a similar fate in 1853. The person responsible for both closures was Sir James Graham the First Lord of the Admiralty of the time."