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Heitman, H-R
SAN orders first Rogue
Jane’s Defence Weekly
vol. 43, no. 23, 38875, p. 22

Accession No.1212


"The South African Navy (SAN) has ordered an initial Rogue remotely operated gun system from Reutech Defence Logistics (RDL) Technologies for qualification purposes. Once qualified the intention is to fit each of the SAN's four Meko A-200 patrol corvettes with four Rogues for close-in self-protection in asymmetric warfare conditions. The Rogue is designed to mount a 12.7 mm machine gun, a 20 mm cannon (20x82) or 40 mm automatic grenade launcher. It can also mount a 7.62 mm machine gun if a smaller calibre weapon is preferred. The SAN has chosen to mount 12.7 mm machine guns from their own stocks. A final decision on the sight has not been made, but the standard sight would normally comprise a TV camera with continuous zoom lens (allowing good target recognition and identification) with a thermal imager for night use."