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Danger on the high seas
Armed Forces Journal
38534, pp. 34-36

Accession No.1201


“The next generation of military ships whatever their shape and numbers must be capable of defending themselves against both the ever-increasing array of advanced offensive weapons and some very rudimentary asymmetric threats. Modern torpedoes are free of many of the shortcomings that plagued their predecessors – faults that made many unsuitable for use in shallow-water areas or subject to spoofing by shipboard countermeasures. These advantages have been achieved through a marriage of commercial off-the-shelf technologies and equipment, plus substantial investments in wake sensors, fiberoptic guidance wires and innovative power supply concepts (some power sources are capable of powering torpedoes to more than 60 knots over a 90 kilometre range). These strides in weaponry are the result of stiff competition between private companies willing to invest heavily in research and development, and state-sponsored arms manufacturers exploiting some of the most advanced processor-production methods.”