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Ripley, T.
UK considers radical cuts to claw back budget
Jane’s Defence Weekly
vol. 44, no. 1, 39085, p. 4

Accession No.1111


"UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) officials have drawn up a package of economy measures to bring their department's budget back to spending limits set by the UK Government's Treasury Department in 2004. The MoD is in the process of preparing its next spending bid to the Treasury and details of the budget proposals emerged in the UK media in December 2006 suggesting that a radical 're-balancing' of its spending plans and programmes is being prepared. Continuing cost over-runs in procurement including procurement cost over-runs of GBP 164 million for the Astute-class nuclear submarine programme and failure to achieve expected savings from the sale of assets, redundancies and re-organizations are behind the exercise, according to military officials involved in the process."