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The Brennan torpedo
vol. 44, 29 July 1887, p. 124

Accession No.891


Questions were asked in the Houses of Parliament after the publication of the two-part article on the Brennan torpedo in the Engineer ('The "Brennan" torpedo.' Engineering, vol. 43, 24 June 1887, pp. 601-603; vol. 44, 1 July 1887, pp. 2-4.) to which the Secretary of War replied "I am not myself acquainted with the secret of the Brennan torpedo, but I am assured there is nothing in the articles in Engineering which may not have been derived from information open to the public." If this was the case what was the secret of the Brennan, which made it such a valuable and effective implement of war, and made it such a costly purchase? It certainly was not it's steering or depth keeping capabilities as these had been demonstrated to be somewhat wanting during testing.