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Dockyard notes
The Engineer
vol. 91, 482, pp. 420-421

Accession No.720


The eight new Japanese destroyers, two (length 220 feet 6 inches, beam 20 feet 6 inches, draught 5 feet 6 inches; displacement 363 tons) being built at Yarrow's, two (216 feet, beam 20 feet 9 inches, draught 6 feet; displacement 342 tons) at Thornycroft's, and four (length 227 feet, beam 21 feet 6 inches, draught 6 feet; displacement 375 tons) at Yokosuka, Japan, were named as follows: Yarrow boats, Akatsuki and Kasumi; Thornycroft boats, Asashio and Shirakuma; the Yokosuka four, Asagiri, Harusame, Hayatori, and Murasame.