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The Bullfinch diaster
The Engineer
Description of Work
Letter to the Editor by R. P. Doxford
vol. 88, 15 September 1899, p. 270

Accession No.601


R. P. Doxford drew The Engineers' Editors attention to the fact that they had published sketches of the low-pressure connecting rods of the 27-knot destroyers Haughty and Hardy, and the 30-knot destroyers Violet and Sylvia in their article dated 1st of September 1899 ('The Bullfinch disaster No. 1.' The Engineer, vol. 88, 1 September 1899, pp. 222-223). The engines of these boats had four cylinders including two low-pressure ones, and the connecting for these had been made lighter than those of the high and intermediate-pressure cylinders. R P Doxford included a sketch of the connecting rods of the Violet and Sylvia to illustrate his point.