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HM torpedo destroyer Mermaid
The Engineer
vol. 87, 12 May 1899, p. 464

Accession No.573


H.M. torpedo destroyer Mermaid (length 210 feet, beam 21 feet, draught 8 feet 2 inches; displacement 320 tons), built and engined by Messrs. R. and W. Hawthorn, Leslie, and Company, Limited, Newcastle-on-Tyne, for the British Government, completed her full-power speed trial on the measured mile off Maplin Sands on the 5th of May 1899, and maintained a mean speed of 30.927 knots over six consecutive runs. The Mermaid was fitted with two 19-inch by 29-inch by 46-inch by 18-inch stroke triple-expansion marine engines operating at 397 revolutions per minute with steam supplied at 225 pounds per square inch by four Thornycroft type water-tube boilers with a total heating area of 13,200 square feet. The cranks of the engines were set at 120 degrees, and balance weights were fitted on the high-pressure and low-pressure cranks to counteract the vibratory forces.

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