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Torpedo boat destroyers for the United States Navy
The Engineer
vol. 86, 21 October 1808, pp. 390-392

Accession No.542


After their victories over Spain the United States Navy had to patrol a much larger area than they had in the past. Tenders were invited for three battleships, twelve torpedo boats, and sixteen torpedo boat destroyers. The torpedo boat destroyers were the first vessels of their kind in the United States Navy. They were designed to have a displacement of about 400 tons, and powered by two 20 and a half inch by 32-inch by 38-inch (2) by 22-inch stroke 8,000 indicated horsepower, inverted-vertical triple-expansion direct-acting marine engines, operating at 327 revolutions per minute, with steam supplied at 250 pounds per square inch by four water-tube boilers. Three of the boilers were to have a grate surface area of 80.5 square feet each, and one was to have a grate surface of 73.5 square feet. The total grate surface area was to be 315 square feet, and the total heating surface was to be 17,768 square feet.

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