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The Santa Fe torpedo boat destroyer
The Engineer
vol. 82, 31 July 1896, pp. 111-112

Accession No.462


The torpedo boat destroyer Santa Fe (length 190 feet, beam 19 feet 6 inches) was the first of four destroyers built by Yarrow and Company, Poplar, for the Argentinean Government, the others were the Corrientes, Misiones, and Entre Rios. These vessels differed from similar vessels built for the British Government in that their machinery spaces were partially protected by steel armour. In spite of the extra weight involved the Santa Fe achieved a trial speed of 26.7 knots, carrying a load of 35 tons. The armament of the Santa Fe consisted of one bow torpedo tube and two deck torpedo tubes, one 14-pound Maxim-Nordenfelt gun, two six-pounders placed amidships, one six-pounder at the stern, and two Maxims placed either side of the deck conning tower.

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