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Speed trials of the torpedo boat destroyer Starfish
The Engineer
vol. 80, 11 October 1895, p. 365

Accession No.414


The torpedo boat destroyer H.M.S. Starfish (length 190 feet, beam 19 feet, draught 5 feet 7 inches; displacement 252 tons) Fitted with two 4,510 indicated horsepower (total) 18-inch by 27-inch by 42-inch by 18-inch stroke triple-expansion condensing marine engines, operating at 407 revolutions per minute, with steam supplied at 200 pounds per square inch by four Blechynden's water-tube boilers with a grate surface of 170 square feet; built by the Naval Armaments and Construction Company, Barrow-on-Furness, for the British Government, underwent her official trials in October 1895. The contract for the Starfish required that the vessel maintain a speed of 27 knots during a trial of three hours duration, with deadweight of 30 tons on board. The Starfish attained a mean speed of 27.87 knots during six runs, and during the longer part of the trial attained a speed of 28.05 knots, which was 1 knot faster than the contract speed of 27 knots.

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