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The Russian Sokol
The Engineer
vol. 80, 13 September 1895, p. 263

Accession No.408


The official speed trials of the Russian torpedo boat destroyer Sokol (length 190 feet overall, beam 18 feet 7 inches, mean draught 7 feet 6 inches, displacement 220 tons; mean trial speed 29.773 knots) fitted with twin 3,700 indicated horsepower (total) 18 inch by 26 inch by thirty-nine and a half inches by 18 inches stroke triple-expansion marine engines, operating at 405 revolutions per minute, with steam supplied at 160 pounds per square inch by eight Yarrow patent water-tube boilers, stokehold air pressure one and three eights of an inch of water gauge, built by Messrs. Yarrow and company, Poplar, for the Imperial Russian Government, were conducted at the Maplin Knot on the 6th of September 1895.

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