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On water-tube boilers
The Engineer
vol. 79, 28 June 1895, pp. 564-565

Accession No.392


An abstract of J. A. Normand's paper on water-tube boilers presented at the 1895 summer meeting of the Institution of Naval Architects in Paris. Normand believed that water-tube boilers were inferior to the ordinary marine boiler, because any damage to a tube necessitated the drawing of the fires and emptying the boiler before any repairs could be made. He stated that the first requirement for high performance was the avoidance of pockets of stationary steam by keeping the heating tubes as vertical as possible, and not too long in proportion to their diameter. He also believed that rapid circulation was necessary, but he did not agree with Thornycroft, whom he termed "the great engineer of Chiswick," that the circulation in water-tube boilers with "drowned" tubes was inferior. See J. A. Normand 'Water-tube boilers.' Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects, vol. 37, pp. 109-118.