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Aluminium torpedo boat
The Engineer
Description of Work
Letter to the Editor by Perplexed
vol. 78, 12 October 1894, p. 329

Accession No.332


The author drew the Editor's attention to a report published in The Engineer, vol. 72, 11 December 1891, p. 476, on a high speed gun boat (length 60 feet, beam 9 feet) fitted with a 300 indicated horsepower inverted-vertical triple-expansion engine operating with steam supplied by a Yarrow water-tube boiler, built by Yarrow and Co. of Poplar for an unnamed South American Government. This vessel had achieved a mean trial speed of 20.03 knots over six runs, roughly half a knot less than that of the much publicised aluminium torpedo boat built by Yarrow and Co. for the French Government.