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The torpedo destroyers Ferret and Lynx
The Engineer
vol. 78, 7 September 1894, p. 218

Accession No.325


Laird Brothers of Birkenhead successfully conducted a series of trials on the Clyde with the destroyers Ferret, and Lynx, and the first-class torpedo boat No. 97. The Admiralty had approved the designs of the Ferret and the Lynx in August 1892, but the contract for construction was not placed until January 1893. The engines of the Ferret and the Lynx differed from those of other destroyers, and were based on laird Brothers earlier designs for H.M.S. Rattlesnake (1886), and the Argentine boats Espora and Rosales (1890). The boilers were, however Normand water-tube boilers. During the trials the Lynx achieved a mean speed of 27.01 knots over three hours, and a speed of 27.15 knots over the measured mile; the contract speed being 27 knots.

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