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The torpedo destroyer Hornet
The Engineer
vol. 77, 15 June 1894, pp. 516-517

Accession No.306


Alfred Yarrow entertained a large number of guests including Lord Charles Beresford, Sir Edward Reed, Sir Edward Harland, the Astronomer Royal, and representatives from many leading shipbuilding firms of the day during a "private viewing" of H.M.S. Hornet (length 180 feet, beam 18 feet 6 inches; trial speed 27.63 knots) fitted with two sets of inverted-vertical triple-expansion engines operating at 400 revolutions per minute with steam supplied at 180 pounds per square inch by four Yarrow water-tube boilers. The engines were carefully balanced, so that there was no vertical vibration when they were operating at 400 revolutions per minute. The Hornet was armed with one 12-pounder quick-firing gun, mounted on the conning tower forward, two 6-pounder quick-firing guns abaft the conning tower, and one 6-pounder quick-firing gun aft. The torpedo armament consisted of a bow torpedo tube under the forward turtle deck, and two swivel torpedo tubes on a turntable aft.

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