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Where are the missing drawings?
The Engineer
Description of Work
vol. 77, 6 April 1894, p. 290

Accession No.294


The Editor referred both to the efforts made by Messrs. Yarrow and Co. to obtain information that might lead to the punishment of the person or persons who had made improper use of confidential drawings of the Havock’s machinery, and to the questions that had been asked of the Secretary of the Admiralty in the House of Commons in an endeavour to obtain specific information on the subject. The Editor had also received a copy of a letter from the United States via a correspondent that was well known to him which contained information he believed should have been known in the public’s interest. Officials in the United States were very anxious to get any information that they could on all new British ships both Naval and Mercantile. One United States official had written to Messrs. Yarrow and Co. requesting a plan of their boiler. After Messrs. Yarrow and Co. had declined his request he set about obtaining the plan through other means and within six months had obtained working drawings of everything Messrs. Yarrow and Co. had built since their inception.