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Launches of HMS Daring and Dryad
The Engineer
vol. 76, 1 December 1893, p. 515

Accession No.273


The torpedo boat destroyer Daring (length overall 185 feet, beam 19 feet, draught 7 feet; displacement 280 tons) was fitted with two inverted-vertical triple-expansion marine engines with steam supplied at 210 pounds per square inch by three Thornycroft improved double-furnace water-tube boilers, built by John I. Thornycroft and Co. Chiswick for the British Government, and the first-class torpedo gunboat Dryad (length between perpendiculars 250 feet, beam 30 feet 6 inches, draught 11 feet 6 inches; displacement 1,070 tons) built at Chatham Dockyard, and engined by the Fairfield Engineering Company, Govan, were both launched on the 22nd of November 1893.