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HMS Speedy
The Engineer
vol. 76, 10 November 1893, p. 439

Accession No.268


In October and November 1893 an exhaustive series of trials were conducted on H.M.S. Speedy (length 230 feet between perpendiculars, beam 27 feet, draught 8 feet nine and a half inches; displacement 810 tons), was fitted with two 22-inch by 34-inch by 51-inch by 21-inch stroke inverted-vertical triple-expansion marine engines operating at 250 revolutions per minute on steam supplied at 200 pounds per square inch by eight Thornycroft water-tube boilers. On the 26th of October the full power steam trial under forced draught was conducted, with a steam pressure of 200 pounds per square inch and the engines running at 245 revolutions per minute for four consecutive half hours, but the trials had to be abandoned at the fifth half hour when it was discovered that the boilers were being fed salt water from a leaking condenser.