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Italian torpedo catchers
The Engineer
vol. 69, 16 May 1890, p. 400

Accession No.210


A new class of torpedo catcher (length 75 metres, beam 7.8 metres; displacement 840 tons) designed by Mr. Brin the Italian Minister of Marine and built by Mr. Miketi, Castllamare, was fitted with two Schichau triple-expansion marine engines operating on steam supplied by four Schichau marine locomotive boilers with Schichau's patent forced draught arrangement which allowed stokers to operate with open stokeholds. The conditions of the contract were: (1) That they should indicate 4,000 horsepower during a continuous run of three hours under forced draught, with a maximum consumption of coal of 1.1 kilogram indicated horsepower per hour; (2) during a twenty four hours run with natural draught, to indicate 2,000 horsepower, with a maximum coal consumption of 0.9 kilogram per indicated horsepower hour. Heavy penalties, as well as premiums respectively exceeding or reducing these were stipulated in the contract. The Partenope the first vessel of this class achieved the following results during trials: (1) During the three hours trial under forced draught, the engines indicated 4,150 to 4,200 horsepower, with a coal consumption of 0.95 kilogram per indicated horsepower hour, (2) at the second run with natural draught the engines indicated between 2,200 and 2,300 horsepower during the twenty four hour run, with a coal consumption of 0.68 kilogram per indicated horsepower hour.

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