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The Engineer
4 January 1884, pp. 11-17

Accession No.96


A review of proposed engineering projects for 1884. Messrs. Yarrow and Co., and J I Thornycroft, had already delivered a large number of second-class boats to the English Government in 1883. One of these, a second-class boat (length 63 feet, beam 8 feet) built by Messrs Yarrow and Co., achieved a trial speed of 17.27 knots during a two-hour continuous run. These vessels were fitted with Messrs. Yarrow’s steam impulse gear (see The Engineer, vol. 55, 30 April 1883, p. 291), which had been found to be a considerable improvement on previous systems. Eleven of the new boats were already in service; nine had been received at Portsmouth from Messrs. Yarrow and Co., and Messrs. Thornycroft, for impulse gear trials having undergone satisfactory steam trials on the Thames. It was noted that very few sea-going first-class torpedo boats were built during this period, the Childers built by Messrs. J I Thornycroft for the Victorian Government was one of the exceptions.