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Discharging torpedoes
The Engineer
vol. 55, 30 April 1883, p. 291

Accession No.92


A series of trials were conducted at Westminster on the 9th of April 1883 in the presence of Admiral Sir cooper Key, First Sea Lord, Rear-Admiral Brandreth, Controller of the Navy, Mr George Rendel and Mr Nathaniel Barnaby with a second-class torpedo boat built for the English Government by Yarrow and Co., to demonstrate a new system of steam impulse torpedo launching. The system consisted of two troughs inclined at an angle of five degrees built into the bow of the vessel. In each case the trough had suitable guides for carrying Whitehead torpedoes, and a steel piston rod 6 inches in diameter by 7 feet stroke, pressed against the end of the torpedo and when steam was admitted into the cylinder the torpedo was launched from the trough at a speed of approximately 15 miles per hour.