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On efficiency of guide-blade propellers
The Engineer
vol. 55, 16 March 1883, pp. 201-203

Accession No.86


A summary of J I Thornycroft's paper presented at the Institution of Naval Architects in 1883. In the period between 1879 and 1880 Thornycroft had made a series of experiments with models of guide-blade propellers mounted on a shaft projecting from the bow of a steam launch. These indicated that some advantages could be derived from the use of guide-blade propellers and as a result of these experiments his firm had fitted guide-blade propellers to H.M. torpedo vessel Lightning and a shallow draught steamer for the Congo. In the case of the Lightning a 5 feet 10 inch diameter common propeller was replaced by a 3 feet diameter guide-blade propeller. The full text of Thornycroft's paper and the discussion that followed was published in the Transactions of the Institution of Naval Architects, vol. 24, 1883, pp. 42-54.